How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

The so-called “lifestyle”, it simply is how life refers to the sum of a series of long-life awareness, habits and way of life of a certain ethnic culture, economic, social habits, norms and family formed by the impact. Healthy life depends primarily on their own. World Health Organization (WHO) told the world that, personal health and longevity depend on their own 60% and 15% depending on the genetic, 10% depend on social factors, 8% depending on the medical condition, 7% depending on the climate impact; and in depends on personal factors, lifestyle is a major factor. Good lifestyle can contribute to human health, on the contrary, it will harm human health.
Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, Director-General of World Health Organization has profoundly pointed out: “We must recognize that the vast majority of the world’s problems affect health and premature death is possible by changing people’s behavior to prevent, and cost very little.” Therefore, the 2000 World Health Organization proposed a “reasonable diet, quit the alcohol limit, psychological balance, physical exercise,” the new guidelines for health promotion. Referring to foreign experience of the health sector, bringing together the views of the majority of our health experts, combined with the characteristics of our country, summed up that we should implement a healthy lifestyle is to do “Eight Note”: a reasonable diet, regular living, to sleep work and rest, sexual harmony, quit alcohol limit, regular exercise, mental balance.
A reasonable diet: Nutrition Society of according to national circumstances, develop the Dietary Guidelines, the principles include: “Food must be diverse, hunger and satiety should be appropriate, fats in moderation, thickness to match, to limit salt, sweets to eat, drink to moderation meals must be reasonable. “If long-term compliance with these principles, we will be able to reach a reasonable nutritional requirements.
Second, the rule of living: our daily life must “have often,” insisted time and rest, reasonable arrangements daily lives, maintain a healthy lifestyle, insists a regular way of life, try to make work, study, rest, sleep and other activities to keep certain laws, not contrary to human physiological variation, and the laws of nature and activities to adapt, conform clock requirements. This is to make sure that physical and mental health, important health care methods longevity.
Third, to assure sleep: Sleep is a human life is an important part. One-third of a person’s lifetime is devoted in sleep. Good sleeps to recuperate, and enhance intelligence, to ensure the health is very important. No sleep, there is no health. Sleep is the organization’s self-protection of essential physiological functions. Sleep not only makes the body a rest, recuperate, but also enables the mind to rest and restore brain power. During sleep, the autonomic nervous system to concentrate on the completion of digestion and absorption, nutrition and energy conversion reserves and so on. Some endocrine functions are more active during deep sleep, such as growth hormone, melatonin release increases, etc., the immune system can be enhanced in sleeping. For sleeping, people can get the heart and soul of rest, recovery and adjustment. Scientists believe that if you want to be healthy, we must reassess the role of sleep on health.
Fourth, work and rest: Moderately intense work helps to health, and overwork is detrimental to health.
Five, Sex Harmony: normal sex life can enhance immune function, relieve pain and disease, relieve tension, adjust the psychological balance, to promote the physical and mental health effects. We must pay great attention to vigorous sexual harmony, and keep sexual harmony.
Six, quit alcohol limit: As we all know, smoking on human health are a hundred more harm than good; and alcohol on the human body is undoubted, but there are health effects of moderate alcohol consumption are in the affirmative.
Seven, regular exercise: Exercise as a fitness method, we should pay attention to science, depending on the physical condition of every man, age, sex, occupation, presence of chronic disease, hobbies, habits, health, economic conditions, family or community the facility, etc., to choose the sport, to develop their own exercise program, will receive good health effects, to achieve the goal of health and longevity.
Eight, psychological balances: human health in addition to physical health, we must also include mental health and healthy social interaction, both of which are missing incomplete.

Refuse Cigarettes after Dinner

      Many people enjoy cigarettes after dinner, some of whom even smoke immediately after dinner. They think that being a deity is no better than having a cigarette after dinner. However, it is a really bad habit. The bad effects of smoking aggravate after dinner. The causes are as follows.
     When we eat something, heat of our body will increase greatly owing to the special stimulation of food. Then as all kinks of organs become dynamic, activating digestive system to digest and absorb. As a result, enterogastric  peristalsis will be more frequent ,metabolism will speed up, heart race, blood flow speed up, pores open and finally extra heat be expelled. If someone smokes at this time, lungs and all the tissue of body will absorb more smog. Thus harmful chemicals absorbed by lungs and tissue will have extremely bad impact on respiratory system and digestive system. Meanwhile an amount of other alkaloids get into his body, which will bring greater damage to health than usual time.
     Smoking after dinner will increase bile secretion, which will leads to bile gastritis or restrain proteinase secretion. These important digestive factors are suppressed so that digestion and absorption will be hindered.
     In addition, nicotine in cigarette increases the density of carbon monoxide. Thus ability of transferring oxygen in blood vessels will be deceased.  It brings atherosclerosis, which is one of the essential causes of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, tar will cause cancer in the body wherever it gets so that cancer is probably to occur in mouth cavity, pharynx and larynx. Besides, chemicals of smog will break villus on lungs, which turns out to be not able to resist noxious substance from outside. As this persists, diseases are probably to occur in respiratory system. Finally, smoking will also lead to dryness of skin by cutting the production of collagen.

Less Beverage, Healthier Life

     Beverage is popular with many people. Some young people said that beverage tastes good and rehydrate quickly. Some people said that water can be replaced by beverage, which is better for health.
Actually, these two opinions are both wrong. According to experts, water should not be replaced by beverage, among which soda is especially harmful to our health. Soda is a kind of soft drinks which is filled with carbon dioxide. That is what we called “gas” (“汽”)in Chinese. The main ingredients of soda include sugar, condiment, and carbonated water citric acid.etc. Some soda also contains caffeine and artificial color. Except for sugar, which provides some energy, the other ingredients provide no nutrients for our body. Over drinking soda will lead to different proportion of phosphorus and calcium due to high phosphoric soda. And drinking soda in a long time will cause acalcerosis. Research findings suggest that people who drink soda excessively are three times easier to suffer from fracture than people those do not over drink soda. As mentioned above, soda is bad for our health. It has bad effects on ossature development of children, and leads to osteoporosis of menopausal women and senior people.

Not All Community Fitness Equipments are Suitable for the Senior

Morning exercise becomes an indispensible part of many senior people’s life. Nowadays, “Exercise Parks” have been built in many communities of city. Every morning we can easily see that senior people are exercising by using community fitness equipments. Someone is twisting their bodies; someone is doing back bending…… Though appropriate exercise helps improve their health, not all these community fitness equipments are suitable for the senior.
Generally speaking, according to different goals, community fitness equipments can be divided into five sorts: developing cardiopulmonary function, developing speed and endurance, developing flexibility, developing compatibility and stability, and comprehensive exercise.
According to experts, some community fitness equipments are not suitable for the senior though many fitness equipments are prepared for them. Since senior people are too vulnerable to use some of the equipments, such as horizontal bar, parallel bars and shoulder-press equipment. Some strong senior people also need to pay attention to it and exercise appropriately. Moreover, some equipment that requires much up and down movement is not suitable for senior people, either. For this kind of equipment will probably lead to sprains, even cerebral hemorrhage. Besides, jungle gym and ladder are less suitable for senior people to use, for these equipments require good compatibility and wide range of movement. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous.

Watching TV at Dinner Time

Nowadays watching TV becomes an indispensible part of our leisure time. And people like watching TV when they have a meal. However, watching TV while eating is not a good habit, which is even bad for health.
There could be several reasons for this. Besides physiological factors, environmental factors will also have effects on appetite with action of conditioned reflex. Watching TV diverts one’s attention from food, reducing one’s appetite. If this persists, malnutrition will probably occur. What’s worse? Watching TV at dinner time influences digestion and absorption. Since our digestive system need a lot of blood supply to function well. However, when we watch TV at the same time, blood supply is not enough to support us either to dine or to watch TV. Gradually, discomfort, such as dizzy and dazzle will easily occur. Finally, though watching TV at dinner time seems like a good way to relax, it is supposed to make people over eat unconsciously.

More Fruits, More Benefits?

It is well known that various nutrients of fruits can stimulate appetite and promote digestion. Choosing right fruits and eating appropriately even helps in disease treatment. Moreover, it’s especially good for people in diet to eat fruits. Thus many people think that eating more fruits is better for health.
However, as medicine, fruits also have their nature, function, the dos and don’ts. So it is not a simple matter of the more the better. Eating too many fruits leads to inappetence, stomachache and diarrhea, especially for children whose digestion is not so good. Excessive fruits will increase the burden of digestive system and then lead to functional disorder of digestion and absorption. Besides, abundant sugar of fruits will be expelled through kidney, which will probably leads to some difference of urine, the so-called “Fruit Urine”.
In addition, due to different nature of different fruits, some fruits are not advisable to eat too many. For example, water melon helps relieve Summer-Heat, quench thirst and promote urination, but it is not healthy for children who have weakness of the spleen and the stomach. On the contrary water melon helps clear fire for children who are strong enough and have excessive fire inside their body. However, sallow and emaciated children who suffer from digestive disorder and unformed excrement are better to eat only two pieces of water melon once. There are some other examples. Eating too many peaches will lead to abnormal swelling and indigestion., eating peaches with cool water will lead to stomachache and diarrhea; Eating pears helps quench thirst and reduce phlegm while it may hurts spleen and stomach, leading to indigestion and diarrhea at the same time; Eating too many apricot will also have bad effects on spleen and stomach, especially bad for children in sick.
Thus it can be seen that fruits are very nutritious but eating too many fruits is bad for our health. In order to avoid this problem, we need to eat fruits appropriately so as to absorb nutrients and treat diseases.

Don’t Maintain Knee-joint Blindly

As many old citizens are suffering from knee ache, methods of maintaining knee-joint are popular with them. Rubbing knee is said to be helpful to relieve pain. However, there is no clinic evidence of it. What’s worse? Without correct direction, rubbing knee will even have bad effects.
Putting hands on knees and kneading knees softly is good for knee-joint. For it is similar to stroking and a kind of reflexive protection that warms knee-joint, stimulates blood flow and relives fatigue. However, rubbing knee-joint too hard will aggravate ache by exacerbating cartilage injury and influencing sclerotin below the cartilage. So rubbing knee constantly is not a good way for old citizens to keep knees fit.
It is not advisable to ignore that knee ache is possibly caused by injuries inside knee-joint and other diseases outside the joint. For example, gonarthroeningitis is a typical knee-joint disease with symptoms for entorrhagia of joint cavity or noninfectious inflammatory fluid, which is caused by acute trauma or chronic strain and subsequent synovial injury or break.
And gonarthroeningitis is divided into acute traumatic gonarthroeningitis and chronic strained gonarthroeningitis. On account of hitting, twisting ,over exercising or surgery Acute traumatic gonarthroeningitis usually happens in 1~2 hours with symptoms for swell, ache, difficulty of moving, limp, partial increase of body temperature, sell and tenseness of skin, etc. As a complication of other knee-joint injuries, this disease needs to be distinguished from fracture, dislocation, or trauma of ligament and meniscus. On the other hand, chronic strained gonarthroeningitis is usually caused by transformation of acute traumatic gonarthroeningitis or other senile chronic strained fluids, leading to knee-joint hydrops.

Gonarthroeningitis occurs most frequently in old citizens or people who have medical history of strain and arthralgia. Patients suffer from heavy legs, joint swell, difficulties in squatting, pain of going up and down stairs. And these symptoms will be aggravated by tiredness and coldness whether they can be relieved by having a good rest and when weather turns warm. Patients under long-time suffering will have more serious symptoms, such as atrophy of quadriceps, knee-joint hydrops and moving disability.

Strong Tea Beats Alcohol?

As we know, tea is diuretic so that it helps in the emission of alcohol. Thus many people think that strong tea is useful to sober up. Actually, there is no scientific evidence. According to experts, tea cannot decompose alcohol or sober up a drunk in a short time.
When alcohol goes into our body, it excites our nervous system and makes heart racing, which will dilate blood vessels and speed up blood flow. When someone gets drunk, such an exciting effect will deteriorate and transfer to worse stimulation. Moreover, theophylline and caffeine of tea also excites heart, which adds more burden to our hearts. As a result, it adds gasoline on a fire, making the drunk more miserable.
According to Medicine, after alcohol is absorbed by alimentary canal it will be degraded by liver. Then moisture and CO2 transformed from alcohol will be expelled from body in 2~4 hours. If someone drink much tea immediately after getting drunk, urine output will increase with the action of theophylline soon. Thus acetaldehyde from alcohol will be expelled through kidney directly without being decomposed, which will hinder liver’s normal function. Furthermore, it is especially bad for patients with hypertension or heart disease. In a word, it is not advisable to drink much tea after getting drunk.